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You are banned and unable to download any file! Blockbound    Meet Nico Willis and Waldsworth Berg, the two apprentices of stonecarver Chloe Manon. Both work at her statue shop and studio, Mason's Haven. Nico is a mage intern, specializing in rock manipulation. Waldsworth was a cashier, but through a blunder on Nico's end, he is now a statue: A "block," if you will. Waldsworth used to be good at nagging Nico and shirking work, but now he is good for smashing enemies and solving puzzles. Maybe even good enough to save Chloe from the cunning astro-voyeur, Virgil.

This is Project Block, a WombatRPGs action/adventure game showcasing the very best in overhead 2D all-block gameplay. Nico must navigate through blocktastic puzzles in an overrun workshop and defeat Virgil's clockwork minions. The game is approximately an hour long.
not availible 0 / 26
You are banned and unable to download any file! Zephyr Skies II    A roguelike focusing on some Zephyr Skies weirdness and cool graphical effects. About 30 minutes. Made in a month for an RMN contest. not availible 0 / 15
You are banned and unable to download any file! Academy Rogue    An entry to the Seven Day Roguelike contest 2015, Academic Rogue is a short, tactical RPG. Uses Zephyr Skies art as the base and some Enker art on top of a pretty solid short roguelike. Some neat features:
- A variety of weapon skills that must be mastered to survive
- Generate enemies that change the feel of the game every play
- A camping system for hauling items and recharging skills
- An innovative skill system that ties skills to items

Worth a shot for roguelike enthusiasts!

Takes about 30 minutes to win. If you win. You will die a lot.
10.31 MB 0 / 24
 [ 1 ]
You are banned and unable to download any file! cBrogue    Chimeric version of Brogue for 7DRL 2017. A cheap hack that's about as fun as Brogue where there's a new monster set every game. Take it or leave it.

Source is at: https://github.com/psywombats/cbrogue
3.69 MB 0 / 10
You are banned and unable to download any file! Adventure Ace    A first look at RMVX Ace, for an 2-week RMN contest. By psy_wombats, Happy, and PentagonBuddy.

While ruminating on your exciting, adventure-filled past, one day you receive a letter. It is a plea for help from an old friend, and you both know his request is anything but simple. He has fallen deep into debt and is now in danger of losing his most precious possession - his museum. Not one to ignore a friend in need, you set out for Guild Hall to begin an adventure of a different sort.

In Adventure Ace, you command a crew of hired adventurers to seek out fame and fortune so that you can rebuild a fantastic museum. The game is menu-based and operates mainly from the Guild Hall. From there you can hire workers at the Afternoon Club, send them on missions, and display your hoard of treaures gathered from across the globe. More info on the RMN page: http://rpgmaker.net/games/3942/

not availible 0 / 17
You are banned and unable to download any file! Man's Best Friend    A farewell to RM2K, by psy_wombats and bob_esc.

Once, in the town of Waldsberg, there was a boy named Miles who loved to play with his dog Doc. But one day, that dog went out and never returned... So Miles set out to find him.

Man's Best Friend an exploration-based game following Miles as he tracks down his pet dog Doc Pawesome, or "Doc." There are no battles, and all gameplay is through NPC interaction and solving puzzles in the areas around Waldsberg. Though there is very little story presented at the beginning of the game, there are a variety of subplots to be uncovered that all point toward Doc's whereabouts and his own quest... More info on the RMN page: http://rpgmaker.net/games/3358/

not availible 0 / 21
You are banned and unable to download any file! Steel Knights    This game was made in 7 days for the 7DRL2012 competition by Enker of Cascade Studios on graphics, concept, writing, psy_wombats on programming and design. Some code reused from Golden Age: Endless Dungeon.

You wake from the peaceful slumber of cryo and stumble out onto the cold metal floor of the Staging Point. The pair of you have a simple brief, split across three locations. Discover what has happened onboard the Thunderchild. Locate the whereabouts of the crew and deal with whatever the source of the issue could be. This is what you do, and you’re well trained for it. All that remains is to pick where the best place is to begin your mission . . .

Mechanically, this game has an emphasis on projectiles and healing items. Make sure you heal regularly and use your guns. Ammo is easy to come by and you start with all basic firearms. More info on the RMN page: http://rpgmaker.net/games/3885/

not availible 0 / 23
You are banned and unable to download any file! Guild Raider!    Guild Raider is the result of Project Icthyology, a WombatRPGs production by psy_wombats and graphics by bob_esc. Our most polished little RPG!

Join Malu, Gordon, and others on a mission to find the 77 magi hidden in the sealed Magioscientist's Guild. Sixteen adventurers have been commissioned to bring all the relics of the sages, called 'magi,' to the great sage Aven. Malu's party must evade traps and rival characters to make their way through the labyrinth.

Game features a well-developed specialization system, engage-on-touch DBS, and somewhat comic interactions between the characters sent to explore the labyrinth. More info on the RMN page: http://rpgmaker.net/games/1377/

not availible 0 / 35
 [ 1 ]
You are banned and unable to download any file! Golden Age: Endless Dungeon    psy_wombats and Enker collaborate for a spiffy and polished short roguelike.

Beneath the town of Kainford lies a maze of traps and Furies known as the Catacombs. Somewhere deep inside, an ancient relic has become active, poisoning the earth and water of the town above. Your grandfather agrees to guide a troop of CORE soldiers into the Catacombs in an attempt to destroy the relic, but they haven't been heard from in a week, and people are still dying above ground. There is only one choice: seek out the relic and destory it!

- Randomly generated dungeons: a new game every time.
- Over 50 items, 20 enemies, and of course, infinite levels.
- A high score board with daily high scores and a Facebook connection to play against friends.
- High difficulty and a need for tactics.
- Great Gameboy Colour retro-era feel.
More on the RMN page: http://rpgmaker.net/games/3043/

not availible 0 / 53
You are banned and unable to download any file! The LCPANES Terminal    The game that changed WRPGs.

You wake up in a cell with a mattress, a desk piled with coded papers and books, and a computer terminal with access to three other hidden occupants of the dungeon. The choices you make will determine who escapes, who dies, and who is trapped forever. But be careful... Not everyone is who they seem.

A text adventure. More info on the RMN page: http://rpgmaker.net/games/2277/

not availible 0 / 143
 [ 2 ]
You are banned and unable to download any file! Deep Realm Heroes    psy_wombats entry in the 2011 7DRL competition, and the first roguelike on the site!

Deep Realm Heroes is a dungeon dive. You will die, and you will die a lot. There's no bottom but you compete with your friends for high scores. If you plan well and keep to your strategy, you just might stand a chance in Deep Realm Heroes.

This game is a roguelike game with dungeon-crawl aspects, best played with a numpad. It lacks major roguelike features but has FFL2 graphics. More info on the RMN page: http://rpgmaker.net/games/2962/

not availible 0 / 11
You are banned and unable to download any file! Penguin Vengeance: Subarctic Vendetta    WRPGs enter the Hidden Agenda project with a flash-based arcade game.

Penguin Vengeance is all about a penguin with a bone to pick with every other living creature. Take it out on them with your trusty shot gun, pick up the cash, and buy cooler weapons.

This is a "physics"-based arcade game featuring exploding fish, no friction, and killer whales.

not availible 0 / 14
You are banned and unable to download any file! Trick, Treat, or Die: The Children's Crusade    A remake of an older halloween contest entry.

This is a bizarre tactical RPG with action elements (attack bars, yeah!) pitting candy-thirsty children against each other in a quest for Halloween domination, now featuring online versus play!

In one-player mode, you must recruit and manage a team of four young rapscallions, preparing them for a night of sugar-gathering fun. Select from costumes such as Princess, Telebuddy, or Superhombre and weaponry such as the Garden Hose, Lawn Dart, or Molotov Pumpkin. Then, on Halloween night, take on a rival crew and compete for the most candy by any means necessary. Two-player mode (currently under construction) contains the same features as one-player, except this time it's you versus a friend or random online acquaintance. Full rules and instructions are included in both a text readme and in-game tutorial. Good luck, good night, and good fight! More info on the RMN page: http://rpgmaker.net/games/2556/

not availible 0 / 23
 [ 1 ]
You are banned and unable to download any file! Terra Nova: Eyes of the Machine    Project SciFi for Nackster's Nov-Dec 2008 contest. By psy_wombats, quack_tape, bob_esc, Aulos, JMickle, RAGNAROK.

Play as the cyborg Tau as he attempts to aid the resistance group Terra Nova in their fight against Qoppa and uncovers what happened to his predecessor cyborgs.

Full action battle system, original soundtrack, and other features. Full version, little buggy. More details on the RMN page: http://www.rpgmaker.net/games/876/

not availible 0 / 105 Show
 [ 2 ]
You are banned and unable to download any file! Mars Balloon Jumping Adventure    (game by JMickle)

Yeah pretty much the best game ever made.
not availible 0 / 9
You are banned and unable to download any file! Typhophobia    A game that's better than your game.

Downloading it gives JMickle money.

(psynote: jump smoke, stay awesome)
not availible 0 / 33 Show
 [ 1 ]
You are banned and unable to download any file! Night of the Hyperactive Dead    Another 1 month game made for a halloween contest! Lots of fun with eventing and PPP bullshit in this one. NOTE: This game had been re-made and pretty much overhauled. You can find the new version at http://rpgmaker.net/games/2556/, and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you do so.

There's only one way to describe this: The only thing better than free candy is candy earned by beating up other children.

This is a tactical battle system, turn-based. You play a crew of kids on Halloween night, trying to retrieve as much candy as possible, and beating the snot of anyone who stands in your way. Run around town, buy costumes from ghost sheets to reaper gear, weapons like the Water Gun, Golf Club, or the Lawn Dart, and bombard houses and enemies with rocks, eggs, and Molotov Pumpkins. More info on the RMN page: http://rpgmaker.net/games/787/

not availible 0 / 267 Show
 [ 1 ]
You are banned and unable to download any file! Popo Potter and the Chocobo Stone (V .65)    bob_esc's first game. This is Harry Potter 1...but with a twist. Instead of a naive widdle kid, Harry (nee Popo) is pretty cynical for someone who just turned 11. Also, there are some nosey magioscientists who need a few helping... opposable thumbs.. .to help out with their convoluted experimentation. So, who should Popo and his friends Ron (the bumbling sidekick) and Hermione (the Navi of this game) bump into while screwing around? It's almost too perfect. Within a few short months, the three are being teleported cross-dimensionally to who knows where. "There once was a boy who lived" Well, no kiding, all boys live...Whoever came up with THAT one was one light short of a Christmas tree...

A medium-length humor game with ~3 battles and a lot of talking. More info on the RMN page: http://rpgmaker.net/games/1400/

not availible 0 / 62
 [ 1 ]
You are banned and unable to download any file! Lament of a Pactkeeper    Hahaha, this is Project Shifting Party, a game for the 2-week contest at GamingW. It's a WRPGS attempt a short epic RPG. Despite a "shifting" cast, the one constant is Siegfried, a young man from Lower Regaldia. Together with friends Loraine and Mulse, as well as sister Magdalena, Siegfried sets forth to discover the truth behind his parents' assassinations years ago. The plot snowballs from there with the appearance of a man in a panda mask...

Anyway, there's a custom battle system! No experience! Simply equip the appropriate items to increase stats, and fully customize the characters. For a one hour game, you get quite a few of them. Battles are side view, with each character choosing an item from their inventory to use each turn. Not extraordinary, but fun. More info on the RMN page: http://rpgmaker.net/games/531/

not availible 0 / 443
 [ 1 ]
You are banned and unable to download any file! Team Olympus    The oldest of WRPG's modern games. Started in 2006 and finished in 2009, it's the story of a group of group of children from an alternate dimension where there is no war and society is a utopia. They stumble into another world and help a group of exiles to overthrow their treacherous leader.

It's an old-school RM exploration game that features a neat headquarters and world map encounter system. More info on the RMN page: http://rpgmaker.net/games/967/

not availible 0 / 423
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