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Name: Popo Potter and the Chocobo Stone (V .65)   bob_esc's first game. This is Harry Potter 1...but with a twist. Instead of a naive widdle kid, Harry (nee Popo) is pretty cynical for someone who just turned 11. Also, there are some nosey magioscientists who need a few helping... opposable thumbs.. .to help out with their convoluted experimentation. So, who should Popo and his friends Ron (the bumbling sidekick) and Hermione (the Navi of this game) bump into while screwing around? It's almost too perfect. Within a few short months, the three are being teleported cross-dimensionally to who knows where. "There once was a boy who lived" Well, no kiding, all boys live...Whoever came up with THAT one was one light short of a Christmas tree...

A medium-length humor game with ~3 battles and a lot of talking. More info on the RMN page: http://rpgmaker.net/games/1400/

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