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Name: Lament of a Pactkeeper   Hahaha, this is Project Shifting Party, a game for the 2-week contest at GamingW. It's a WRPGS attempt a short epic RPG. Despite a "shifting" cast, the one constant is Siegfried, a young man from Lower Regaldia. Together with friends Loraine and Mulse, as well as sister Magdalena, Siegfried sets forth to discover the truth behind his parents' assassinations years ago. The plot snowballs from there with the appearance of a man in a panda mask...

Anyway, there's a custom battle system! No experience! Simply equip the appropriate items to increase stats, and fully customize the characters. For a one hour game, you get quite a few of them. Battles are side view, with each character choosing an item from their inventory to use each turn. Not extraordinary, but fun. More info on the RMN page: http://rpgmaker.net/games/531/

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