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Name: Blockbound   Meet Nico Willis and Waldsworth Berg, the two apprentices of stonecarver Chloe Manon. Both work at her statue shop and studio, Mason's Haven. Nico is a mage intern, specializing in rock manipulation. Waldsworth was a cashier, but through a blunder on Nico's end, he is now a statue: A "block," if you will. Waldsworth used to be good at nagging Nico and shirking work, but now he is good for smashing enemies and solving puzzles. Maybe even good enough to save Chloe from the cunning astro-voyeur, Virgil.

This is Project Block, a WombatRPGs action/adventure game showcasing the very best in overhead 2D all-block gameplay. Nico must navigate through blocktastic puzzles in an overrun workshop and defeat Virgil's clockwork minions. The game is approximately an hour long.
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