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Announcement: Site Repurposing
Posted: psy_wombats @ Sat Jun 09, 2012 9:46 pm
Hey, this might be long, so bear with me a bit.

It's been obvious WombatRPGs hasn't been functioning as a team collaboration site for a long time now. It's not the first time I've decided to change direction (first we were all about WRPGS game feedback, then RM in general, and on to the current incarnation of a WRPGS team home) and it might not be the last. Basically, site's new purpose is to 1) promote my own new games and the new games of anyone else on team who makes anything, 2) archive our legacy games, and 3) mirror/archive community content. I'll outline the major changes so far, starting with the front and working back:

- Front page is redesigned. It now focuses on links, media, and announcements. Announcements should be more frequent now, and relate mostly to game releases, demos, and other stuff like that. As the polls forum is archived, polls content is drawn from Lesser Disc (and you can all make polls now). All the game announcements will be mirrored on Twitter anyway.

- Registration to the forums is closed. This should prevent bot attacks, and no contributors have joined this place for years anyway. If by some miracle someone wants an account, they can contact me directly.

- Most of the forums are locked. Lesser Discussion should cover everything we need, and announcements is for game releases. All the forums are still viewable, and I tried to move all the relevant topics to Lesser Disc. Let me know if something else needs migration. User groups and old game forums are still there but invisible to those not in the groups/games. Short eulogy: This PHPBB install's been running since 2006, and I want to thank any of you who made this place fun over the past 7 years for a great community.

- My personal blog on this site has officially closed. It doesn't matter much as that thing was just a content mirror anyway. Go to twitter if you care about that stuff anyway.

- The WombatRPGs twitter account (http://www.twitter.com/wombatrpgs/) is now a 404. I changed the account name to psy_wombats so it's now found at http://www.twitter.com/psy_wombats/. If you were already subscribed, nothing will chance. Content will be identical.

- The WRPGS IRC channel on badnik.net has been abandoned. Not to say I'm giving up on it, but I'll get to that later.

That was this morning's fun. Today and this week I intend to cover a few other things that should further reflect the site's new mission.

- Download & Games section needs an overhaul. Some of the games up there are modern polished games (Guild Raider), some are older nostalgia games (Abyss) and some are just there for laugh value (Text RPG, Adventures of Mr. Bill). Compounding that, some are on RMN, some are external links, and some are missing altogether. To rectify that, we'll need some new categories and to make the thing exhaustive.

- Arcade. I'm not sure if I sould keep it or not, if you have an opinion on what to do with it, feel free to post it.

- IRC will probably be coming back, probably on a different server and with a web client linked in the top nav instead of Forum Index or something.

- Blockbound may rise again. Just you wait!

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